Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Courses at SRISA and Goals.

Hello Everyone!

My first blog I gave you the story on how this trip came about. Now I would like to give you some more information the classes I will be taking and some of my goals.

The school I will be attending in Florence, Italy is called Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA). I will be going for the spring semester (January 8th-  April 27th). There are different studio classes you can take at the school along with some liberal arts classes, political/business classes, and of course classes for Italian language. As of right now I will be taking Italian I, History of Contemporary Art, Digital Imaging I, Black & White Photography, and Discovering Florence Through Photography. If you don't already know, I am an Art major with a studio focus of photography and a journalism minor. I can't really say which of the five classes I am most excited for. I've never really had a photography class before, so I am actually super nervous but excited for the two I will have in Italy. I am really interested in learning Italian and being able to communicate with the Italians. The History of Contemporary Art class will cover the required Modern Art credit I need at UWS. At the University of Wisconsin-Superior I have taken two semesters of art history. Although, they were difficult classes and required a lot of reading and analyzing of art, they were amazing classes. Not to mention the 80lb book required for the class I had to carry around everywhere. My hard work in those art history classes really paid off. The best part is that so much of the art I studied last year and dreamed of seeing in real life, I WILL BE SEEING SO SOON!

My adventure will begin when I leave January 6th, 2013 from the airport in Minneapolis, MN. From there I land in Chicago, then to Zurich, Switzerland, and finally landing in Florence on the 7th. From the airpot I will have to get a taxi to bring me to the school. There isn't a group of students going to SRISA from UWS so I am going to be on my own for this trip. It is a bit of a scary thought but I am really excited for a trip that pushes me a little out of my comfort zone and hopefully teaches me to be a little more independent. Not only do I want to enjoy my trip to this beautiful country but I have also set out to reach a few goals. My first goal is to learn more about my passion; PHOTOGRAPHY! I want to learn different techniques and have a complete understanding of what it is others and I are capturing through the lens. My second goal is to have an understanding of the country that my ancestors came from. I want to see how our culture in the US is different from that in Italy. I want to learn different words and phrases in Italian. My third goal is to TRAVEL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! My dream of traveling to Italy is coming true! I want to make sure I see as much of it as possible!

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