Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week #5: Feb. 4-10

Hey Everybody,

I realize this one is a little late. Week #5 was basically class Monday through Thursday and the weekend I explored the parks a little more. I also went to the Uffizi again on Saturday, February 9th with my friend, Sarah. It was her first time going there and her favorite painting, "Birth of Venus" is there. Her facial expression was priceless when she finally got to see the painting. The highlight of my week was definitely on Tuesday so I thought I would focus on that. I will include pictures from La Cascine park (since that was where I spent a lot of time this weekend) at the bottom this blog.

Tuesday: Feb. 5, 2013:
Tuesday was the start of Firenze Journey. Firenze Journey is a bible study group for people who speak English who are living in Florence. It is mostly study abroad students that go to the group so I have met a lot of new, great people. I am the only one from SRISA who goes to the group so it is kind of nice to see some new faces on Tuesdays. The people who run the group are Danielle and Cody Wilbanks. They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. We all meet at their house on Tuesday's at 9 pm and usually start out with a delicious snack that Danielle has made and talk with each other then get right into the bible. Cody decided for this semester (since we only have a small period of time here in Florence) that we are going to focus on the Book of John. A lot of people in the class know so much more about the Bible and Jesus. I know very little compared to them, but am happy that my friend Lauren informed me of this group so I can start to learn more. God has blessed me with such a wonderful opportunity, studying here in Florence, I want to grow in my faith and praise him for this amazing journey. Here is the website for Firenze Journey in case you are interested to learn more about it :

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