Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week #6: Feb. 11-17

Hey everybody,
Time is going by so fast here in Italy. It's already the middle of February and it feels like just yesterday I was the scared girl who was just getting off the plane. Spring break starts in a week and a half though and I am really excited for that. Maybe I will write a short blog this week about the plans my Aunt and Uncle have while we travel together during my spring break. Here are some of the highlights from my week:

My morning routine consists of making eggs for breakfast and checking my emails and all that jazz. Tuesday morning I had gotten a very exciting email about doing some work and a possible internship this fall in Superior. I had emailed a woman with the Superior Council for the Arts a couple days earlier, letting her know who I was, where I was going to school, my major, my future goals and I had just asked that she would let me know of any volunteer work in the community or any open positions at the North Ends Art Gallery. I was so blessed to have gotten an email back about meeting her in May to discuss more on the kind of stuff I will be doing and talking about this intern job. I really have Diana Randolph to thank for helping me with all my questions with the art field and always giving me good advice. I am super happy about this possible intern job!! After the excitement about the email, I went to the Tuesday Market with my friend, Sarah. I got a new coat for only 2 euro and two shirts and a vest, each a euro a piece. I love that market!! So many amazing finds! Tuesday night was another day with Firenze Journey. The group just gives me one more thing to look forward to every week. Everyone is so happy and kind in the group and it's just a lot of fun.

CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL! For Food as Culture class, we went to the chocolate festival here in Florence right outside of the Santa Maria Novella. First thing we all tried was the hot chocolate. I think I was the only one to finish it. It was really thick compared to the watery stuff we have in America. This was pretty much just melted chocolate with maybe a little bit of milk. It was so delicious, I got the dark chocolate hot chocolate. There were samples of many things but after that hot chocolate I was starting to get a sugar rush. We also had these croissant type things with nutella in the middle. It was so amazing. I can't remember what it was called though. I got pictures of some friends eating one though so I will post at the bottom of this blog.

We were lucky to have sunny weather most of this week, unfortunately Friday I was feeling awful. I don't know if I just soaked up too much sunshine or if it was the chocolate from the day before but I was just feeling crumby. I some how tried to fight it off though and ended up making my way to the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. I really enjoy venturing off on my own sometimes. I do it a lot. I really enjoyed the Pitti Palace, I wish I could have taken pictures because it was absolutely beautiful inside. I wish I could live inside the palace. After I made it through all the exhibits in the Palace I went outside in the gardens but was just starting to feel real awful and decided maybe I should head back and call it a night.


I was feeling fantastic again and got up bright and early and started crossing off more places on my museum card. I started off by going to Chiostro dello Scalzo. It was only one room so my time there was really short but it was so beautiful and simple. It was just a little courtyard with some frescos. Then since I realized it was by the San Marco Museum, I went there next. I was supposed to go there for a class one day but I was late to class and the museum had closed. Once again, no pictures were allowed but I managed to sneak a few. It was another beautiful place, but I wish I would have been there with my teacher so I knew exactly what I was seeing. I then went to the Bargello with my roommate, Emily, and my friend, Sarah. I got to see Donatello's 'David'. I was so excited, plus I got to cross another museum off my long list! YAY! We also stopped by the Duomo again. Sarah is a tour guide there so she wanted to give us a tour. I dedicated February as my museum month since tourists aren't too bad yet and after February the weekends are packed with trips. After spring break I only have like a month and a half also. Sad thought.

Today was a very chill day. Took my time this morning. I wanted to run but my shins have been awful since I have had the same training shoes since June. I know better then to run in shoes like that but they don't sell asics here so I am going to have to deal with the crappy shoes until I get home and can buy some new ones. After making my smart decision of not running, I went for a long walk instead to the Piazza Michelangelo. I found this Rose Garden on my way there though. Obviously there were no roses bloomed yet but it was a very beautiful little garden.

Only about a week and a half until spring break and I am getting antsy! :) I am sure those weeks during spring break I will be too busy to post but once I get time I will keep you all posted. I should have a lot to share! I am anxious to see my Auntie Margaret and Uncle Mark and to share some amazing memories with them. I'll be sure to post on week #7 this Sunday :) Ciao Ciao!

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