Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Week!

Hey Everybody!

One week from today I will be on my long flight to Florence, Italy for my semester at SRISA. I have had many different emotions this week about it all. I will admit I am pretty scared. Luckily my excitement overrules my fear. I have been working some good hours this week which has helped me keep my mind off of my worries and excitement of the trip. I did start packing last week but realized I had started packing clothes and other stuff I still needed, so my neatly packed suitcase is now a disaster. I will  have to try again in a couple days.
I am extremely thankful for all my friends and family for being such great support with this opportunity in my life. My grandma and Aunt Jill both gave me money during Christmas for my trip, which will be extremely helpful while I am there and I am so grateful for their help. My family and friends have all been excited for me, which just makes me more excited about it all. I can't wait to liven up this blog page with some stories from Florence, but for now this is all I have. One more week!! :)

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