Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey everyone!
As most of you know I finally got my visa in the mail! It is such a relief!! Now I am taking time to plan the fun things and focus on all the other important things I have to get done before I leave. I met with my friend Lauren (the girl who went last year to SRISA) last week. She gave me a ton of helpful hints on what to pack, what to bring on the plane, people to contact there, and many other things. My cousin Bridgit lived in Europe for awhile so she knows about it pretty well. I've made sure to go to her for help about any questions I have also. She says the train system is great along with RyanAir, which is super cheap airlines from one European country to other European country. My biggest fear as of right now is not knowing where to go in the airport. Luckily I am not afraid to ask for help, so I should be just fine. Anyone who was around me during the visa process knows how much of a worry wart I am.
I am home now for Christmas break. So I am just trying to get together with as many friends and family as possible before I leave. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Only 18 more days until I leave! Nervous and excited!

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