Sunday, January 20, 2013

Italy week #2

Hey everybody,

The days just keep getting better while I am in Florence. The first week was rough being homesick and actually being sick. Most my classmates are sick with a cold because of the rainy weather. We are all anxious for some sunshine and nice weather. I wish I would have just been smart and packed a few big sweatshirts but I was too busy looking at the average temperatures here that I didn't even think to pack more warm clothes. You live and learn I guess. I really enjoyed this week. Monday was the start of my first week of classes. Never have I enjoyed all the classes I have taken in a semester until now. I seriously love all my classes. The art history classes I am taking are a little intimidating. I could have dropped one if I wanted but I figured I should fill up my schedule while I am here. All my teachers are amazing. Another nice thing is that I don't have to buy any books except for my Italian class. We have a little library at school where we can rent out the book and make photo copies of the readings. Thank the Lord. I had to buy my supplies for my photography class which was really pricey, so I am kind of glad I only made it in the one photography class for the semester. I learned my lesson last semester with taking too many studio classes. Although, I do love studio classes it wasn't a good idea to take three at a time. I feel like any creativity I had in me was drained last semester. It will be fun to take my first real photography class :) And what better place to take it than in Florence! I am also really excited for my Food as Culture class. One of my goals for study abroad was to learn about the culture of Italy. Food is pretty much a religion here. They are SERIOUS when it comes to their food and wine and family time. I've learned that fast. One thing different here than in America is that most of the little shops and businesses close from 1pm to 4pm for lunch hour. People actually go home to be with their families during lunch time. I think that's great! It sucks if you're the one out shopping or looking for some lunch though.
Monday through Thursday consisted of classes. Thursday night we did our get together dinner again. In the group of people I have met at SRISA we do sort of potluck dinner where each house brings one part of the meal. One will being either the pasta, meat, fruit, or dessert. I bought some tiramisu ice cream that ended up being delicious. We went to Julia, Henry, and Ericka's house this time and they made the pasta. It was really good, and of course there is wine to go with every meal. I still haven't gotten into drinking much wine but I have discovered I like the white wine better than the red.

Friday I spent the day with my friend, Sarah. After my meeting to get my permit to stay, Sarah, Emily, and I went to the market to get some food. I just got oranges, bananas, and prosciutto. Prosciutto is heaven. It is a thinly sliced ham that is dry-cured. I think it is uncooked, not sure. It is delicious though. I roll it up with some cheese or else put it in my scrambled eggs. It's amazing. After the market Sarah and I just walked around Florence and shopped. I bought an Italia Soccer jersey, I have been wanting one. Then we went to H & M because it has been having a HUGE sale. I got three shirts for 13 euro. BARGAIN! :) Then we got pizza, at a place where once again I can't remember the name. Then we walked to the Ponte Vecchio and over to the Piazza de Michelangelo. The walk up there is pretty killer. It's up steep hills and a lot of stairs but I promise you it is worth the pain to see the view. Thinking I might do my hill workouts there ;) I got some more tiramisu gelato when I got up there, too. Always good. After that we were both pretty tired so we both went back to our apartments. It was sunny that day but every other day has been pure rain and clouds. Depressing.
Yesterday the only excitement in my life was going to see Michelangelo's "David" at the Accademia and hanging out with my roomies and Julia and Molly last night. After seeing David, Emily and I stopped at this place called Vecchio Forno (I think), where there are all these cookies and other delicious looking things. Then we were lazy all day until Molly and Julia came over. We just painted our nails and talked but it was a good memory for sure. Hoping for another fun filled week in Florence. It's down pouring this Sunday morning. Hoping for a break in the rain so I can go for an enjoyable run.

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