Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 1 in Florence

Hey everybody!

The first week has already been a great experience. It's been a little tough for me to adjust this whole week but I am finally getting settled in to the lifestyle. I do miss home a lot but I have been able to keep in contact with family which has been nice. I have been pretty busy with orientation the past couple days, which has been nice that way am constantly moving and doing stuff. Our orientation has consisted of learning basic Italian with two of my teachers at SRISA Lorenzo and Matilda. By the way, the staff at SRISA is amazing. They're all so nice and helpful. The school is really small. The group that I have been around most of the time is around 20 people. Matilda was giving us a tour the first day of orientation and showed us some places that will come handy to us this semester like the post office, library, market, etc. I'm sorry for not having specific places in Florence I have been to, I have been extremely tired and forgetful this week. Lorenzo, the art history teacher (I believe), took us to order gelato another day this week. I ordered tarimisu flavor, it was unbelievable. Once again I don't remember what the place was called, but I will find it again I can promise you that. We had our SRISA welcome dinner the other day as well. The food has been amazing, a lot of different things to try while I am here. I have been too busy to look around and shop until today, so a group of us are planning to hangout today and shop around Florence. The next few days we have free to do whatever and then classes begin Monday. Since our school is so small a lot of classes got cut, like the writing one I wanted to take. I will be in two art history classes; The History of Contemporary Art and the Italian Renaissance. I will also be taking Discovering Florence through Photography, Food as Culture, and Italian I. I am really anxious to start classes Monday, I like staying busy but I am also excited to explore. I just hope I start feeling better. I have had a headache since I landed in Florence, I thought it was the fact I haven't had caffeine  for a week but I had an espresso and American coffee this morning. I've also been drinking water like crazy. I've had a bad cough, chills and sweats at night, muscle pain. I'm sure I will feel better soon. I will write more exciting stories soon when I start school and explore a little more.

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